Diet Feeders

Trioliet 18m Diet feeder £10,000

-Two front left and right feedout doors
-Single axle
-Simple robust machine
-Will do a 7-8 ton mix of typical TMR
-Feedout tray pivots at 27″ height
-Delivery and finance possible. Please call to discuss.

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Shelbourne Reynolds Powermix Pro Express 13m

-Front elevating cross conveyor
-13m capacity
-Will feed over 5′ barrier
-Delivery and finance possible. Please call for more info

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Hi Spec 10m £3,000

Hi Spec 10m Mix Max

-Tidy machine with new type gearbox drive system
-Blades to allow inclusion of long fibre in the mix
-Cheap entry level feeder
-Will do a 3.5 ton mix of normal TMR
-Delivery possible, please call for details

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Shelbourne Reynolds 22m

22m Shelbourne Reynolds

-Front elevating cross conveyor. Will feed over 5ft barrier fully extended.
-Tandem Axles
-Serviced and checked through

Delivery and finance possible. Please call to discuss.

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Trioliet 16m twin tub £8,900+Vat

Trioliet 16m Diet feeder

-Two side doors front left and right
-Single axle
-6.5-7 ton capacity, will feed 110-120 dairy cows per load
-Mix and chop bales, roots etc quickly
-Simple, well made machine
-Delivery and finance available

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Kuhn 2070 Twin tub diet feeder £11,500

-Kuhn 20m Diet Feeder
-Will do approximately an 8 ton mix
-New augers and blades fitted
-Front right hand feedout door and back left can be fitted.
-Electric controls
-Two speed gearbox
-Tandem sprung axles
-Delivery and finance possible.

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JF 14m twin tub diet feeder £9,950

-JF 14m twin tub diet feeder
-Front cross conveyor
-Two speed gearbox
-Wireless weighing in cab
-Delivery and finance possible

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Teagle dual chop 8550 2015 machine £9,500

-Teagle 8550 dual chop
-4.5m capacity
-Ex farm genuine machine, only 2 years old
-Can deliver

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Trioliet 12m diet feeder, ex farm £5,950

-Trioliet 12m feeder
-Ex local farm genuine machine
-Front cross conveyor
Delivery possible

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MultiChop 4 Straw processor £POA

-Switch between shredding for bedding to short chop for feeding on the flick of a switch
-Adjustable chop length
-Blows approximately 50ft for bedding
-Trailed or mounted options

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RMH 18m Diet feeder

-18m RMH diet feeder
-Front cross conveyor with extension on left side
-New belt and tyres recently
-Delivery and finance available subject to conditions

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Siloking 10m Tub feeder for sale £8,900

Siloking 10m Tub feeder
– Front cross conveyor
-New Auger and blades
-Good belt
-Two speed gearbox
-Excellent feeder
-Delivery and finance possible subject to conditions

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Rotogrind 760 -Only 12 Months Old

Rotogrind 760

-Only done one year
-Hammers not been turned yet so 3 sides left to use
-Excellent condition
-We are supplying fully serviced with 12 months warranty
-Delivery and finance available -please call for details.

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Roto Grind Straw Mill

Roto Grind is a unique concept delivering improved efficiency on some of the UK’s best farms. Providing a solution to the previously time consuming task of feeding a consistent source of long fibre in dairy and beef rations, Roto Grind will reduce your feeding time and provide a much improved diet to your cattle, resulting in improved animal performance.

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