Haybuster Tub Grinders

We are specialists in the supply of Haybuster tub grinders for the livestock and recycling industry. Based in Warwickshire, England we have been in this business for 15 years.

Because of our direct relationship with the manufacturers, we use genuine parts on used and refurbished equipment and often offer the option of warranty on our machines. We have an extensive range of equipment in stock at our depot in Warwickshire and if we do not have what you want in stock, we can usually source it.

With customers throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, we are happy to give you a list of local customers who have dealt with us and you can be reassured of our high quality service and competitive pricing.

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H800 Tub Grinder

The H800 tub grinder is the smallest and most economical of its kind from Haybuster. Grinding high moisture corn and hay and with horsepower requirements of 75 to 130 hp, the H800 offers efficiency, consistent performance and versatility.

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H1000 Tub Grinder

The Haybuster PTO Tub Grinder line is made up of three sizes of grinders plus the option of an electric motor. The Haybuster Model H-1000 tub grinder is the most economical grinder available. Designed for the farm who wants to process their own straw and hay. A number of contractors in the UK have started out with the H-1000 before moving up to the higher output H-1030 or the ultimate H-1130. Of course, to make the H-1000 affordable as an entry model, it’s limited on certain features, compared to other Haybuster models. The limited features include no tub tilt and a lighter-duty hammermill. This hammermill only requires a 100 hp PTO tractor and ideally a 140 hp tractor for its maximum efficiency. If your herd size and tractor size fit these criteria, this may be the tub grinder for you.

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H1030 Tub Grinder

The latest introduction to the Haybuster PTO tub grinder family is the H-1030 model. It also has a 10’ tub and comes equipped with tub tilt and heavy-duty hammermill, that is located in the rear of the tub. It also has a dual-auger system to discharge material efficiently to the hydraulic folding stacking conveyor. The H-1030 requires a minimum of 150 hp up to 315 hp tractor. The newly designed electronic governor protects the tractor and machine from overloads, allowing the tub grinder to grind efficiently and consistently.

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H1130 ‘Big Bite’ Tub Grinder

The H-1130 Big Bite tub grinder is Haybuster’s heavy-duty PTO grinder. It is designed with the features and the durability you need in a 11’ tub grinder. Some of these features include tub tilt, heavy hammermill with 1⁄2” plates and 1⁄2” hammers along with 1 1⁄4” rods, dual augers and a 26’ long stacking conveyor. The 315 hp drive system consists of an 8-groove belt/pulley system powered through a 77 series PTO driveline. The belt system tension is set at the factory and is designed to maintain its desired tension when stretching.

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H1130 Electric Tub Grinder

The H-1130 Electric tub grinder has all the features of the PTO driven heavy-duty H-1130. It’s powered by two electric motors, a 300 hp motor that drives the hammermill and a 10 hp motor that powers the hydraulics. It is available with a variety of electrical packages.

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