Root Processing

VDW Electric Beet Chopper

Electric beet chopper for chopping all roots including beet, potatoes, carrots etc.

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VDW Vertical Auger Mixing Bucket

Like a vertical diet feeder, capable of chopping and mixing silage, cereals and roots.

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VDW Beet Cleaning – Optional Chopping

High capacity, beet/potato cleaning basket rotates the beet in a water tank. The clean beet is emptied or chopped as required. Available with optional chopping unit.

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VDW Beet Chopper

Fast cutting of large quantities of beet, potatoes etc. Also for waste processing and Biogas installations. The robust chopping unit reduces the beet to the perfect size for animal feeding and biogas plants.

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VDW Bedding Master

Sawdust distributor for articulated loaders, telescopic handlers, front loaders and tractors.
Suitable for sawdust and shavings, chopped straw with lime, corn, compost, peat etc.
Can spread up to 4 m away.
2 dispensing rollers
Heavy-duty rollers on the base for protection when pulling.
Bolted coupling.
Available in 4 sizes.

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VDW Electric/Static

Stationary beetcleaner and cutter – Electric Drive

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VDW Beet Chopper/Cleaner

For tractor or telescopic handler.  The beet and potatoes are cut in a shredder with stone protection.
Cleaning is carried out by a large roller. The dirt then falls into a container that can be emptied at another location.
An aggressive chopping unit cuts the beet very quickly and uniformly. Stones can also pass through without damaging the system.

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VDW Beet Cutter

For fast cutting of large quantities of beet, potatoes etc.
The robust chopping unit reduces the beet to the perfect size for animal feeding and biogas plants. Available with or without stone protector.
Handles +/-3 tonnes in 70 seconds (RS3000)
For telescopic loader, electric or tractor 3 point linkage, as loading bucket or fill bucket (see video)

Available in 3 sizes:
RS 1800, 1200kg capacity
RS 2400, 1700 kg capacity
RS 3000, 3000 kg capacity

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Speedy Chop

High Performance · Low Maintenance · Highly Efficient

• Chops any type of root quickly, thoroughly, consistently and cost-effectively.
• It can easily handle 60 – 70 tonnes per hour.
• Stones do not present a problem – they are ejected through a spring mounted door which resets automatically.
• It is easily loaded from a tractor front loader, a teleporter or a loading shovel.
• It has a low horsepower requirement, is very fuel efficient and requires very little maintenance.
• It handles potatoes, beet, carrots, parsnips, turnips and other roots safely and effortlessly.

Please call us for more details or to arrange a demo – 01789 205132

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