Fantastic New Product Launch at UK Dairy Day – CLAMP / SILAGE DEFACER

September 09, 2015
Suzanne Cavill

We were very proud to launch this new Silage Defacer product at the UK Dairy Day.  We have a number of units now off to some top farms across the UK, so give us a call and find where the nearest one is to see it in action.

Maintain cleaner maize and grass silage clamp faces using our innovative defacers.

Benefits include:
–  Move across the pit face quicker than a grab as it only strips 6″ deep with each pass. This results in less spoilage.
– Reduces aerobic spoilage and lost feed value by leaving a tight clean finish on the face.
– Opens the structure of the silage and removes lumps as it rips the product from the pit – digests faster.
– Easier to load exact amount of silage required into hopper/mixer.


defacer 1defacer 2    pic 2 pic 1