H800 Tub Grinder

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H800 Tub Grinder

The H800 tub grinder is the smallest and most economical of its kind from Haybuster. Grinding high moisture corn and hay and with horsepower requirements of 75 to 130 hp, the H800 offers efficiency, consistent performance and versatility.


Features of Haybuster H-800 Tub Grinder:

  • Durable belt drive systems to transition PTO power to the blower and hammermill.
  • 11-bar mill grate for ease in grinding wet, tough hay without slugging the grinder. Max. Bale Size is 5′ long x 5′ diameter (1.52m x 1.52m).
  • Many screen size options for precision particle sizing.
  • Feed discharges from grinder through a fan blower system with hydraulic adjustment vertically and 360 rotation for ease in feed placement.
  • Hydraulic flow meter for manual control of tub speed and tractor load.
  • Optional high-capacity grain grinding hopper that handles high moisture and dry corn.

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