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Vig-O-Comfort Calf Hutches

Vig-O-Comfort Calf Hutches

Enegis are proud to be the UK importer and distributor for the Vig-O-Comfort range of calf housing from Belgium. Available in three sizes, this range is exceptionally user-friendly for both calf and farmer.

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A new product on the market in the UK, this really is a superb quality calf housing system.

These hutches are designed with calf comfort and health as the priority. We offer three sizes of Vig-O-Comfort hutch to meet your needs and provide shelter from the elements in all weather conditions.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_accordion][vc_accordion_tab title=”What are the dimensions of the Vig-O-Comfort calf hutches?” icon=”home”][vc_column_text]We offer the full range of Vig-O-Comfort calf hutches, in the following dimensions:

Group Hutch
  • 6-10 calves
  • 118″/300cm
  • 95″/240cm
  • 79″/200cm
  • 300lbs/135kg
  • 6.5m x 6.5m
  • 13.0m x 13.0m
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  • Cast in high density polyethylene (non-toxic, 100% recyclable) in a single piece.
  • Resistant to shocks, ultraviolet rays, all weather conditions and cleaning products.
  • Provided with a simple manual ventilation system.
  • Easy to clean with the smooth inside coating.
  • All hutches are provided with a long canopy, while with the front not being fully open this offers extra protection against all weather conditions so the comfort of the calf is ensured.
  • The dimensions of our hutches are such that the calves can easily turn and move in the hutches. The effective leg space is sufficiently large with each model so the comfort of the calf is ensured.
  • The doorways are sufficiently large to give easy accessibility for the farmer.
  • All hutches are available with a rainproof feeder for the provision of concentrate and hay.
  • All hutches are available with soundly galvanised fencing with a door to offer easy accessibility.
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All hutches are available in two colours:

  • Beige: with a beige colour the hutch allows plenty of light through (no sunlight!) that is important during cold and overcast winter days, and the hut reflects the sunlight. One then has an insulating effect: cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • White: stronger reflection of the sun means the temperature can be kept low in the hutch during hot summer days (cooler than hutches made of polyester).

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