Roto Grind Biogas

Roto Grind Biogas

Muck/deep litter, hay, grass and straw increases biogas production.
Pre-milling this material will enable biogas plants to produce more gas in less time.
The Roto Grind mill reduces particle size resulting in the following benefits:

  • Mill hay, straw, grass, root crops, veg waste, manure.
  • Increase gas production by 20-50%.
  • No problem with stones/foreign objects – hammers simply break the body down.
  • Inexpensive machine with very few wearing parts designed for the agricultural market.
  • Can also process roots, waste feed, pulses, cereal etc.
  • Proven on Biogas plants across the UK and Worldwide.
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Roto Grind Straw Mill

Roto Grind Straw Mill

Roto Grind is a unique concept delivering improved efficiency on some of the UK’s best farms. Providing a solution to the previously time consuming task of feeding a consistent source of long fibre in dairy and beef rations, Roto Grind will reduce your feeding time and provide a much improved diet to your cattle, resulting in improved animal performance.

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Roto Grind Grain Grinder

Roto Grind Grain Grinder

  • Low Cost
  • High Capacity
  • Low Maintenance
  • Simple Design
  • Versatile
  • Grinds Wet Material
  • Processes Pulses with ease

Grind Maize, Cereals, Pulses etc. including high moisture materials.

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