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Enegis are proud to be the UK importer and distributor for the Vig-o-Comfort range of calf housing from Belgium. Because of our direct relationship with the manufacturers Vigorena, we are able to offer our customers the best prices possible.

We are also pleased to be able to offer innovative LED lighting solutions. Light is an important environmental characteristic in a dairy facility. Correct light levels are proven to improve cow performance and provide a higher quality work environment for herd management. Dairy cows exposed to 16 hours of light continuously each day will increase milk production from 5% to 16% (8% being typical), increase feed intake and maintain reproductive performance compared to cows receiving less light. This response will take two to four weeks to develop assuming that nutrition and other conditions are maintained.

The increased lighting is a profitable investment for a dairy, providing a payback time of less than one year. Additionally, many farmers report that increased and better quality light improves cow movement, observation and care. Cows move more comfortably and with confidence through uniformly well lit areas. Cowmen, vets and herdsmen often report better cow management with cows in heat, and lame and ill cows are spotted quicker.

We also supply LED lighting for use in the milking parlour and outside yard lights. These are robust cost effective lights designed for agricultural applications.

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Vig-O-Comfort Calf Hutches

Vig-O-Comfort Calf Hutches

Enegis are proud to be the UK importer and distributor for the Vig-O-Comfort range of calf housing from Belgium. Available in three sizes, this range is exceptionally user-friendly for both calf and farmer.

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