Great Calf Hutch Success!

February 25, 2015
Enegis Team
Vig-O-Comfort Calf Hutches

Our Vig-O-Comfort calf hutch customers have reported great success with much improved calf health, calf growth rates & reduced veterinary fees.  *** Top 3 Features *** of Vig-O-Comfort Calf Hutches housing young dairy calves:

Feature 1 – Improved Calf Health – Reduced Veterinary Fees

Vig-O-Comfort calf hutches are an effective solution for improving health and growth of calves prior to weaning. Moving calves away from others improves health, reduces morbidity and mortality and has no known effect on behaviour or later productivity. Vig-O-Comfort calf hutches provide excellent natural ventilation, which can further reduce occurrence of respiratory diseases.

Feature 2 – Portable & Lightweight – Easy to Clean

Vig-O-Comfort calf hutches are lightweight and portable due to being cast in a single piece. The portability and easy cleaning of the calf hutch allows a more sanitary and healthy environment for a young calf.

Feature 3 – Flexible Calf Housing Solution

Vig-O-Comfort calf hutches provide an immediate, flexible solution to calf housing. No planning permission is required. Optional rail system and buckets are available. They provide shelter from the elements in all weather conditions.

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